As citizens of the world, we are united in our determination to rise together. On behalf of our team and families we wish you health and safety during uncertain times.
Everyone at Amphibious Zoo Music is a musician and/or composer. We are well aware of the devastating impact this pandemic is having on freelancers, musicians, performers, composers and small businesses. To offset this we are doing our best to continue to work remotely and we are blessed that we are for mostly setup to do so. Production will continue as we implement remote recording so that we can keep our musicians and composers working. We will continue to be create new releases and work on custom music projects. We are all in this together.
Our team is working remotely and will continue to help you during this time, whether it be a custom tailored playlist, help with a music search, custom bespoke music or general music consulting; we are here (or at home) to help. Please let us know how we can best help you.
If you just need to listen to some great music to help you get through this time, please access our website and listen away! We truly believe that music can uplift spirits, cross borders and divides, and create connection.
If you do not have access to your internal servers we can send you a download link to any music you might need. Feel free to reach out.
The Amphibious Zoo Team

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