Album Description:

Epic sound design and cinematic orchestration with driving emotion and suspense.

Label Name: Alchemy Music

Tracks: 8

TRK 001
Big dronal hits and driving retro synths create a menacing suspense. Bold percussion thunders as strings and brass swell and grow into a soaring epic with an electro aftermath.
TRK 002
A massive intro with distorted horns, dynamic sweeps and rising effects creates suspense and distrust. Dark,creepy breaths, pulsating basses, and over-the-top cinematic orchestration with piercing female vocals create an intense chaotic sound design.
TRK 003
Terrifying sweeps and drones create a haunting intro. Repeating Taikos and spine tingling drops move into intimidating electric guitar, and eerie guitar screams.
Apocalyptic drums create a thunderous backdrop for a tsunami of sweeps and swells. Climactic rapid-gun-fire drums build and consume all life.
TRK 005
A mysterious, repeating piano moves into bending strings causing your temperature to rise. Chilling electro elements, string rises and a heartbeat keep the suspense going to the final slash.
: Full Mix
: Drums Piano SFX (Sound Effects) Sound Design Strings Synthesizer Vocals
: 0
: Slow
TRK 006
Rapid fire starts off a tour de force action theme with dominating drums, knee-buckling bass drops, and synths that will send you straight into cardiac arrest. A suspenseful rise climax punches straight to the gut before dropping you into infinity.
TRK 007
An unapologetically self-righteous omen of the end of days. Darkness descends with terrifying drops and rises, electo elements, ominious vocals, strings and a horrifying climax.
TRK 008
A blend of sound design and epic orchestration filled with thunder that causes your pulse to race and the adrenaline to flow. Electro elements cut straight to the bone as percussive strikes and massive impacts shake you to the core.