Cinematic - Amazing Ride

Album Description:

A thematic cinematic symphonic album full of action, adventure, suspense, mystery, magic and discovery. Covering the full spectrum with epic, driving and mellow cues. Choose more than one for large projects to achieve a consistent theme throughout.

Label Name: Audio Monkey

Tracks: 28

An epic full orchestra cinematic cue that will take you on a magical journey full of suspense, action and adventure.
Starting with a big percussion rhythm this symphonic cinematic cue drives and builds suspense as the arrangement grows.
Starts with an epic full orchestral arrangement and then mellows out with a magical, mysterious, adventurous feel and ending with a big finish.
Percussive start and driving percussion move this full orchestral arrangement along with action, adventure and mystery.
An epic, full orchestra, action, adventure, mystery, magical cinematic cue that starts big and then mellows out.
Epic, percussive, driving full orchestral cinematic cue with big, driving percussion full of suspense, action and adventure.
Epic, driving, suspenseful, full orchestral cinematic cue with big percussion.
Magical, mysterious, symphonic, adventure, cinematic cue with an airy feel and a flute lead.
Suspenseful string stabs, low strings and a dark french horn melody create an eerie, mysterious, adventurous feel.
Starting with a bouncy safe feel the cue changes to a feeling of suspense before moving to an epic resolution.
Dark eerie low strings and percussion build to an epic full orchestra finish. The title says it all. This cue is frightening.
A playful childlike carefree adventure cue.
A mellow full orchestral cinematic cue full of mystery, adventure and discovery.
The pizzicato strings and bouncy orchestral arrangement creates a playful childlike carefree adventure cue.
Prepare to be amazed with mystery and adventure as this cue takes you on a magical journey into new, unexplored territory.
Starting with an epic heavy brass arrangement the soaring woodwinds and choir soon take over to advance your journey into the great unknown full of action and adventure.
Piano, pizzicato strings, harp and bouncy woodwinds create a playful, carefree, innocent, childlike feel.
Big percussion, low strings, brass and woodwinds drive the suspense, tension and fear.
: Lisle H. Moore (ASCAP) 100%
: Audio Monkey Production Music (ASCAP) 100%
: Orchestral Strings Symphonic Cinematic Cine Score Film Score Film TV Drama Science Fiction