Cinematic - Hidden Kingdom

Album Description:

A collection of cinematic cues designed for action, adventure, mystery, suspense, discovery, horror and more.

Label Name: Audio Monkey

Tracks: 14

Reminiscent of soaring through clouds or over beautiful landscapes, this track features full orchestra, gentle and soaring and first, then swelling to majestic moments.
Baritone and electric guitars combine with drums and unique effects to create a consistent, driving masculine feel.
Horror, mystery and suspense abound in this gentle but dramatic piano and orchestra piece.
Full Orchestra recording of the beloved classical masterpiece fit for any epic horse race.
A bluesy tribute with a 1920s feel featuring a classic jazzy solo clarinet sound backed by piano and brass.
Texture and underscore presented through undulating strings and thoughtful piano that'll make you think until the mystery is solved.
Beware what might be coming as strings and an ethnic driving rhythm suggest a hint of the Australian outback.
A slowly swelling pad creates the scene as a gentle piano followed by a constantly changing texture that suggests mystery and the unknown.
Retro jazz vibe for a detective spy theme.
: Full Mix
: Bass Drums Guitar Acoustic/Steel String Electric Wah Wah Keyboard Organ Hammond Piano Rhodes Synthesizer Trumpet
: 112
Atmospheric, ambient drones with pulsating hits and rhythm for mystery and suspense.
: Full Mix
: Bass Drone Drums Electronic Keyboard Pads Synth Pad Synthesizer
: 90
The Rhodes and Wah Wah set the mood for mystery and suspense.
A series of epic orchestral hits full of suspense, anxiety and tension followed by an eerie resolution with a heartbeat.