Halloween - Haunted Hallow

Album Description:

A thematic symphonic album arranged with Halloween in mind covering the spooky, ghostly, haunted horror that abounds during the Halloween season. With cues ranging from epic suspense to childhood adventure, mystery and wonder you are bound to find tracks for any spooky project. Choose more than one for large projects to achieve a consistent theme throughout.

Label Name: Audio Monkey

Tracks: 17

Low eerie strings set the mood of suspense, tension, horror, action and adventure as the full orchestra and choir build to an epic terrifying climax.
Starting with a light bouncy arrangement the cue flows back and forth from tension, worry and apprehension to magic, mystery, wonder & adventure.
A theme for Halloween with lyrics that capture the spooky holiday arranged with full orchestra, lead vocal and classical choir.
A light and bouncy full orchestra arrangement capturing the perspective of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and monsters as they enjoy their existence.
A lullaby for bats, ghosts, goblins and scary creatures that lurk in the dark.
Starting out light but full of tension, worry and apprehension, this haunting cue builds to a series of chilling epic full orchestra hits and stabs.
Starting with suspense, anxiety and fear of what might be lurking around the corner this cue switches midway to take you on a magical journey soaring through the sky.
The suspense, fear and anxiety builds throughout with a series of haunting epic full orchestra and choir hits and stabs.
A light lullaby for ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters and creepy things as they prepare to rest before the sun rises.
Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters and creepy things need rest too. A lullaby for them in mind with a hint of horror.
High strings set a light mood but the orchestra maintains a feeling of angst, tension and suspense.
Starting dark and eerie with low strings and brass this cue builds to an epic moment of relief and awe.
An epic full orchestra cinematic cue full of suspense and tension with chilling brass stabs.
A full orchestra and choir cue full of suspense, mystery, wonder and magic.
A short but epic full orchestra cue that builds to a huge climax.
A short bouncy full orchestra cue that builds to a quick climax designed to transition between scenes.
Low strings, piano and brass pulsate and build to a quick climax.