Slow Jams - Here Comes My Love

Album Description:

Soulful love songs full of passion and romance. R & B, Funk and Jazz influences combine for an Urban sound with drums, bass, Rhodes, Hammond B3, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars.

Label Name: Audio Monkey

Tracks: 11

A soulful, sexy love song full of romance and passion about making up. The lyric "Here comes my love to take your hurt away." says it all.
A romantic love song with amazing vocal harmonies and sexy wah wah and sitar licks on top of a slow groove.
Slow unique percussion instruments and the acoustic guitar dominate with interesting synth pads swelling throughout and a passionate male vocal tormented by love.
A sexy, seductive, erotic slow jam.
The acoustic guitar takes the lead throughout this soulful love song with interesting percussion instruments and rhythms.
Classic urban R&B instruments like the wah wah guitar, Rhodes, Hammond B3, congas and sultry vocals drive this sexy slow jam.
This slow jam starts with a unique synth sound, percussion and acoustic guitar and builds into a full rhythm backed passionate love song.
The sitar, funky bassline, Rhodes and percussion give this slow jam an interesting urban feel.
Piano, drums, nylon guitar, light percussion, soulful vocals and a sexy saxophone solo.
Drums, bass, electric guitar, Hammond B3, string pad, sitar, and saxophone. Nothing is sexier than a sax solo.
A simple rhythm section and sexy vocal is all you need for an awesome slow jam.
: Full Mix
: Bass Drums Guitar Electric Piano Rhodes Vocals
: 91