Tycoon - Manifesto

Album Description:

Every entity has a mission statement. These tracks tell your story with emotion, power, and inspiration

Label Name: Audio Monkey

Tracks: 10

Blue collar, hard-working gritty guitars led by a tougher-than-nails male vocal and anthemic background vocals.
: Matthew Trent Cropper (BMI) 100%
: Audio Monkey Production Music Worldwide (BMI) 100%
: Corporate Industrial Advertisement Commercial Marketing Rock
: Adventurous Aggressive Bold Building/Rising Confident/Strong/Proud Determined Driving Epic Inspirational/Uplifting Passionate Powerful Rhythmic
: Action Adventure Advertising Business/Corporate DIY Documentary Nature/Wildlife/The Elements Science/Technology/Industry Sports
: View LyricsWoah Woah. On the move. Against the flow IÕm gonna build my way. Driven. Strong. My time to go. TodayÕs my day ItÕs in Me ItÕs in Me ItÕs in Me Well ThereÕs a fire thatÕs burnin inside... ItÕs in Me! Woah Woah Life is tough But so am I, IÕm not afraid to rise Above the noise Above the sky You see it in my eyes. ItÕs in Me ItÕs in Me ItÕs in Me ItÕs my time to begin this rideÉ ItÕs in Me! Woah Woah ItÕs my time to begin this rideÉ ItÕs in Me! Woah Woah Music and Lyrics by Matthew T Cropper (BMI)
Toughness meets luxury and class as the driving rhythm of guitars and percussion are combined with strings and piano.
Classical elegance meets modern emotion and storytelling based on Debussy's Claire De Lune.
Ethereal electric guitars bring emotion and gradually build to a driving rhtyhm sure to bring motion and emotion to your story.