Big Beat, Breaks, Cut & Paste - Almost Human

Album Description:

Beats and breaks so big the earth trembles beneath their feet, so powerful somewhere in the Himalaya a monk sheds a single tear, so funky they're fresh. Almost Human is healing the world one funkadillarific beat at a time. Join the movement.

Label Name: Art of Legend

Tracks: 10

Upbeat and powerful Breakbeat with sizzling horns. There's so much positive energy this song is thinking about starting a church of crystals and gemstones. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter!
Classic, retro feeling breakbeat with pianos and bass. Layers upon layers of awesomesauce blow up into a euphoric and energetic end section. Tastes so good, make you wanna slap yo mama!
Chill and emotional breakbeat with acoustic guitar and wurly. Builds through the end with layer after layer of happiness. Very positive and uplifting feel overall. Forgive me, San Gorge de la Chill, for I have shaken my rump.
Dark and driving glitched breakbeat with mysterious and sexy strings. I'd be mysterious and sexy too if they'd stop serving deep fried butter sticks at the county fair.