Rock Anthems - Gift Horse

Album Description:

We've quite literally found the rock anthem formula for transforming limp, languid, unresponsive material into savage monsters of mammoth proportions. Much in the same way a twisted fairy godmother could change Woody Allen into Charles freaking Bronson. Try it and see.

Label Name: Art of Legend

Tracks: 10

Anthem Rock at it's huge and nasty best. Insanely powerful vocals, drums and guitars smash their way into your heart. Being in love never hurt so good.
Monster anthem rock with savage drums, guitars and vocals. There's some space in this one, leaving plenty of holes for you to contemplate the weight of this song's moon boots on your neck.
Swinging, upbeat anthem rock with a bit of southern, bluesy, swampy flair. Incredible energy to this one and enough bad ass moments to make Samuel L. Jackson blush.
Positive, upbeat anthem rock with a hankering for a road trip. Nothing wrong with being happy and feeling optimistic every now and then, especially when in the company of so many earth crushing, face melting savage brutes as you find on the Gift Horse Rock Anthems album.
Monstrous leviathan of an anthem rock song. A tune with a lot of swagger and great breakdowns. If size does indeed matter, we got no problems here.
Built for speed, this anthem rock piece has more energy than a traceur hopped up on Red Bull. Great stops and plenty of changes for sick edits, yo.
Stomping, mean and tough sounding anthem rock. Chuck Norris likes this song so much he sings it in the shower. Actually, Chuck Norris doesn't like songs- songs like Chuck Norris.