MUSFX - Metabolic Merger Vol.1

Album Description:

It's not quite sound design and it's not quite music, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end and it's delicious. We're calling it MUSFX. A distinct, interesting, and highly usable caboodle of Trailer and Promo music.

Label Name: Art of Legend

Tracks: 10

Mucho bad-assery and swagger. Please apply generously. Hard and crunchy trailer/promo piece with a stomping beat and lots of rises, drops, and stops.
So, apparently we're getting into the editor porn industry. Trailer/Promo piece with many glitches and unexpected twists and turns.
Guaranteed to shake you more than a 5,000 watt sub in the back of a Datsun truck. Trailer/Promo piece with a very hard hitting edge to it. Plenty of glitches and surprises laid over a bed of brutal, crushed beats.
We know we're not supposed to favor one child over another, but let's just say if this piece were one of our children, its birthdate would be our password for everything. Trailer/Promo piece packed with stutters, hard hits, and references to time.
Embrace the chaos that is Out for Blood. Trailer/Promo piece heavy on the FX sauce. There's definitely rhythm, but it ain't music.
This is the sound your brain makes when Conor McGregor pelts your noggin. Trailer/Promo piece with a ridiculous amount of hit points.
The fundamental element that separates Man from Beast is that Beasts always get the coolest songs as their walk-up music. Trailer/Promo piece with a beastly, strong metallic, mechanical forge feel.
Scary AND punchy, like Mike Tyson... or maybe Johnny Depp. Trailer/Promo track with a strong rhythmic element including lots of hits. Very grimy and glitchy.
A Rise from the Ashes track that would make even Robert Downey Jr. proud. Trailer/Promo piece with a strong dubstep-like beat and heavy distorted hits.
Just because we're not from Iceland doesn't mean we can't produce dark, cold music that's cool. Take that, Reykjavik! Trailer/Promo piece that's heavy on the glitched FX and light on the... sounds you've heard before.