Simply Inspirational

Album Description:

An uplifting, hopeful collection of minimalist tracks with plenty of sparse instrumentation, acoustic solos and simple melodies.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 16

Ambient textures create a grand expanse of positive vibes as a solo piano stirs your soul.
A pleasing acoustic guitar based melodic motif accented with electric guitar textures that creates a hopeful and upbeat happy feeling!
Lose yourself in soft solo piano with a gorgeous cello performance. Ambient textures and majestic feeling fill the song with emotion.
A pulsing piano piece featuring rich pads and heroic french horns. Epic harmonies inspire and drive this positive, uplifting track.
: Full Mix
Piano Only
: Horn French Piano Strings Synth Pad
: 61-73
An uplifting and positive guitar-based composition that features building musical elements including piano and electric guitar textures.
Ascending arpeggios and delays set you adrift in an uplifting piano solo.
: Full Mix
: Bass Synth Piano Synth Pad
: 120
Mellow, moody, piano accompanied by swelling pads and rolling cymbals. Inspirational moments give way to building tension giving a sense of hope and overcoming of life's obstacles.
: Full Mix
No Synth Bells
: Bass Synth Cymbals Piano Synth Pad Synthesizer Bells
: 120
Hope flows like water with a repeating piano phrase that builds with swelling strings, bells, and acoustic guitar.
A hopeful, emotional piano solo with a simple stripped down melody, acoustic guitar and ambient pads.
: Full Mix
No Guitar
: Bass Electric Cymbals Guitar Acoustic/Steel String Piano Synth Pad
: 118
An uplifting, positive piece with sparse instrumentation and a light-hearted sense of optimism.
: Michael B. Thornton (ASCAP) 50%, Emily G. Thornton (BMI) 50%
: Amphibious Zoo Music International (ASCAP) 50%, Amphibious Zoo Music Worldwide (BMI) 50%
: Drama Underscore Inspirational Emotion Solo & Featured Documentary
: Dreamy Happy/Positive/Bright Inspirational/Uplifting Positive Relaxed Whimsical
: Adventure Business/Corporate Fashion/Makeover News Romance Shopping/Retail
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A minimalist, pop inspired, rhythmic piece driven by Wurlitzer electric piano and percussion builds into a positive and uplifting finale featuring pizzacatto, string pads and bells.
Thoughtful piano-based track that builds triumphantly with strings, bells and light percussion.
Fast-paced piano with a driving sense of optimism and hope.
: Full Mix
: Bass Stringed Bass/Double Bass Piano Synth Pad
: 129