Dixieland - The Salt City Six

Album Description:

Upbeat, fun New Orleans jazz with a strong sense of the "Old South. A lively, positive take on traditional hot jazz infused with French quadrilles, swing, riverboat jazz, biguine, ragtime, and blues with collective, polyphonic improvisation.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 13

A New Orleans style, high energy tune with a fun catchy hook, featuring virtuosic solos and tight ensemble sections.
A relaxed nostalgic swing tune with tight ensemble passages and a playful, catchy melody.
Happy-go-lucky group vocals over a cheerful, upbeat novelty song about food and fun.
A fun, upbeat version of the classic folk tune "The Daring Young Man On the Flying Trapeze," this tune is sure to put a tap in your toes! This is a great song to take an audience down memory lane.
A Southern hymn sung by a moody solo female voice with a brass chorale followed by a nostalgic New Orleans march.
: Full Mix
No Vocal
: Bass Upright Clarinet Drum Kit Piano Trombone Trumpet
: 110
Raucous jazz dance music with a light-hearted friendly vibe that will have you dancing the charleston.
A fun, recognizable tune with a twist, featuring a train "choo-choo" intro and outro (with sound effects). A fun, happy track full of abrupt stylistic changes and surprises.
A tender, melancholy instrumental love ballad with a light, airy vibe.
: Full Mix
: Bass Upright Clarinet Drum Kit Piano Trombone Trumpet
: 105
Cheerful, upbeat swing with tight dixieland ensembles and a powerful drive.
Traditional folktale inspiration with a smoky female vocal over groovy New Orleans funk with driving bass and a lot of energy.
Big band sound with a medium swing, clarinet lead and a tight ensemble soli. Plenty of solos and breaks with polyphonic textures.
A patriotic tribute featuring a virtuosic trumpet melody, clarinet melody and traditional New Orleans polyphony.
A classic, medium swing take on a New Orleans dixieland standard, loaded with polyphonic textures and great solos.