Cinematic Ambience

Album Description:

Moving soundscapes of beautiful textures made up of piano, strings, effects and light orchestra. Tension pushes and pulls through the build and rise of these dramatic and emotional minimalist tracks.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 11

Low trailer horns and cinematic ambiance drift into an piano progression. Cellos are backed with strings to create an emotional rollercoaster of harmonies that ends with a tense, crawling string rise, epic horns and low drums.
Ghostly, low horns and a piano progression begin to create a sense of courage and honor as the track builds to a dramatic climax with a cinematic ending.
An airy, intangible soundscape with a dramatic piano solo engulfs you in a heroic melody. Light strings rise and build into an intense, heavy progression that evokes a sense of hope and fearlessness.
A sublime piano melody builds with ambient guitars, beautiful strings and an eerie child vocal solo in the background. Complex strings emerge into an emotional ending with huge drums and a cliff-hanger ending.
Dark, eerie ambiance swirls through strings and exquisite piano. Things take an unexpected twist as it turns into an epic chord progression accompanied by deep strings.
An alluring, piano led journey through the cosmos accompanied by an orchestral progression and a mysterious choir before abruptly dropping into nothingness.
A minimalist cinematic cello solo over piano and percussion builds into pulsing rhythm. The alarming tension rises to a climactic ending.
Trailer horn glides into a deep, dark piano progression. A towering cello rises as a transcendent melodic orchestration resolves the ethereal soundscape.
Elegant pads begin with a high piano key. A soft and sweet progression builds into a valiant pinnacle.
The Star Spangled Banner has echoed in our hearts since it was written and is now supremely refined in this beautiful arrangement. Gorgeous melodies provoke the deepest of sentiments.