Passport To Ireland - Celtic Rock

Album Description:

Pub smashing party anthems featuring Celtic folk tunes and traditional instruments. We've covered everything from angsty Irish, punk rock to big power rock chords with slamming guitars and intense percussion.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 13

An angsty Irish, punk rock, pub-smashing party anthem featuring violin, drums and tenor banjo, captures the rough and tumble vibe of a life lived to the last drop. This rauccous jig, builds in speed and intensity until the violin explodes into a virtuosic, swashbuckling reel.
Big, power chords, uilleann pipes droning and chanter (traditional double reed woodwind instrument similar to bagpipe) introduce a theme before drums pound out the groove and kick things into double time.
A light, cheerful, traditional Irish Celtic folk melody mixed with fast picking, American rock guitar.
Angst and aggression build intensity with a foot stomping, fist pumping Irish melody. Banjos, fiddles, accordions, and raging electric guitars keep the energy high right from the start, crescendoing into a massive ethnic fusion of Celtic rock.
Tension slowly builds with a familiar melody as electric guitars and drums grow this traditional Irish song into a rock anthem for the ages.
A fast-paced Irish styled tune with a traditional but happy, comical feel. Slamming guitars and drums with fast melodic riffs drive this party tune home.
A hard driving rock piece in a definite "Dublin" style. A melodically driven minor feel with rhythmic rockin' power guitars and accordion riffs interspersed throughout the song.
A traditional Irish folk tune with an acoustic intro adds heavy electric guitars for an anthemic rock chorus.
A modern take on a traditional Irish melody. Swirling organs and electric guitar carry the traditional bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle and banjo from the pubs of Dublin to the streets of Boston.
A mild tempoed Irish bouzouki theme carries you into an ethnic groove before launching into a hard rocking anthem that is equal parts punk and pub.
Irish style jig featuring a fiddle melody, banjo, & mandolin over rock power chords. The fiddle is doubled by electric guitar to create gritty, swaggering celtic rock with pounding drums.
: Full Mix
: Banjo Bass Electric Drum Kit Fiddle Guitar Distorted Electric
: 128
Anthemic rock with celtic roots and hard hitting percussion. Driving electric guitar wails over the tratitional style melody.
An acoustic, high-energy Irish jig with a fast picking melody featuring: acoustic guitar, mandolin, 5 and 6-string banjo.
: Full Mix
: Guitar Acoustic/Steel String Mandolin
: 130