Inspirational Rises

Album Description:

Inspirational, forward-looking themes that continually grow from beginning to end.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 15

A tense ripple builds to a heart swelling climax. A low, simmering mix of instrumental layers builds with a piano motif and rhythmic marimba pattern and culminates with a rich, uplifting full string ensemble, percussion grooves, taiko drums and an electric sub bass.
A lyrical, atmospheric intro with pads and piano melody builds into a memorable, solo violin motif. Layered percussion, moving electronic patterns and an evolving string ensemble create an emotional build. Solo violin and piano build with electric guitar for a soaring apex to the highest register.
A gentle, uplifting melody envelopes you with ethereal melody, swells and builds into a cascading force of nature.
A reflective intro builds as mystery and tension create a sense of adventure. Soaring piano and building strings shift into a perpetual motion that drops into a pulsing, unresolved stillness.
A pop infused instrumental rise with a heroic climax showcasing upright piano, guitars, bells, drums, effects and strings.
A heart-rending build featuring rhodes, passionate strings, percussion, brass, towering piano, guitars and effects builds to an uplifting, noble finish.
Aspirational, forward-looking theme with solo piano and cello over strings elevates and uplifts as full orchestra, choir and huge percussive hits build to a soaring finale.
A stirring flight through exhilarating solo soprano sections, rising orchestral accompaniments and a soaring piano melody.
Human and inspiring. A beautiful, haunting, ethereal intro creates a dramatic set-up for an inspirational finale featuring: fender rhodes, piano melody, percussive drums and driving strings.
A sparse, majestic piano lead over soft synths creates a steady build with motivational strings before a dramatic launch into a full blooded pop-rock arrangement.
Introspective piano and dreamy guitars slowly build with a soft, slightly melancholic feeling. An uplifting theme builds to a grand, inspiring end with full drum arrangement.
Haunting expectation builds to a deep, collective impact. Immersive non-lyrical vocals, layered synths and mood drop in and out before building into a broad, inspiring horizon of sound.
A simple repetitive piano note and cello solo gradually builds into a euphoric and triumphant double time track with majestic french horns, bells, climactic strings, acoustic and electric guitars, and drums.
A mischievous, steady, rhythmic piano creates an emotive intro and builds to a sweeping, panoramic euphoria. An uplifting, aspirational theme builds to climax with strings, brass, electric guitars, and drums.
A determined, driving pizzicato string section builds and climbs against the odds with french horns and flute to reach a resolute conclusion.
: Michael R. Hicks (ASCAP) 100%
: Amphibious Zoo Music International (ASCAP) 100%
: Inspirational Easy Listening Instrumental Modern New Age
: Abstract Adventurous Bouncy Building Building/Rising Inspirational/Uplifting Simple
: Adventure Documentary Fantasy/Magical Film Trailer Nature/Wildlife/The Elements Video Games
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: Full Mix
No Flute
No Choir
No Brass, No Choir
: Bass Synth Drums Marimba Percussion Piano Shaker Strings Pizzicato Synth Pad Synthesizer Taiko Drum Violin
: 215