Urban DNA - Future Bass

Album Description:

The splendid electro marriage of Future Bass and Headbob. Decidedly urban and sophisticated in flavor, this music is perfect for cityscapes, timelapse, or anything in need of some metropolitan charm.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 13

Energetic, bouncy and fun Future Bass with a summer, party feel. The song is deconstructed then builds back up several times. Vocals and vocal FX.
Sexy and bouncy Future Bass with a chill feel, but plenty of movement. Nice breakdowns and builds. Vocals and vocal FX.
Chill and sparse Future Bass with a dreamy, floating feel. Lots of breakdowns and builds. Vocals and vocal FX.
Mysterious and quirky Future Bass with trap influences. Dark, but manages to keep things bouncy- kind of a sexy, nightlife thing. Vocals and vocal FX.
Sexy, chill Future Bass with a good amount of bounce. Sparse instruments and a nod to Reggae groove. Vocals and vocal FX.
Don't let the slow start fool you, this is driving, hard hitting Future Bass with lots of energy. Full of chill breakdowns that grow to big chorus sections. Vocals and vocal FX.