Cinematic Euphoria

Album Description:

Hopeful, emotional, uplifting trailer scores with sentimental piano melodies and light-hearted orchestration.

Label Name: Amphibious Zoo

Tracks: 10

A bright and buoyant piano and string score that delivers a promising and encouraging atmosphere.
A delightful, sentimental piano score accompanied by a solo violin. Additional strings and bells create a light-hearted atmosphere.
: Jacob Scott Rakozy (BMI) 100%
: Amphibious Zoo Music Worldwide (BMI) 100%
: Cinematic Easy Listening Film Trailers
: Calm Celestial/Ethereal Dreamy Elegant/Graceful Emotional Euphoric Floating Inspirational/Uplifting Love/Romantic Peaceful
: Arts Film Trailer Romance
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: Full Mix
No Celeste
No Strings
No Celeste No Strings
Piano Only
: Bass Upright Celeste Cello Piano Strings Pizzicato
: 130
: Medium
A subtle and emotional piano and string that focuses on the simpler things in life. The child-like melody and light arrangement create a reassuring and hopeful vibe.
: Full Mix
No Strings
No Piano
No Bass
: Bass Upright Piano Strings Pizzicato
: 65
: Slow, Medium
A compelling and curious instrumental track featuring a piano melody accompanied by a fast paced string section. This emotional score creates an invigorating and inspiring feeling of accomplishment.
: Full Mix
No Staccato Strings
No Strings
: Bass Upright Piano Strings Pizzicato
: 72
: Flowing
A synth pulse track utilizing ambient piano chords, haunting synth pads, and an engaging percussive element to move along at a brisk pace.
: Jacob Scott Rakozy (BMI) 100%
: Amphibious Zoo Music Worldwide (BMI) 100%
: Cinematic
: Calm Cool Determined Dreamy Driving Elegant/Graceful Euphoric Floating Relaxed Rhythmic
: Arts Business/Corporate Fashion/Makeover Food/Drink Science/Technology/Industry Shopping/Retail
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: Full Mix
No Percussion
: Bass Synth Drum Machine/Electronic Drums Hand Claps Piano Shaker Strings Synth Pad
: 142
: Fast
A cinematic, emotional trailer score highlighting a sentimental piano melody, accompanied by string pads. A powerful brass and choir melody soars until the very last note.
An inviting and delightful score featuring strings and bells on the melody with an arpeggiating piano track to drive the score home. This instrumental cue is perfect for projects in need of a warm and encouraging vibe.
This mashup introduces hip hop beats to the orchestra complimented by a beautiful piano chord progression. A triumphant brass melody line is powered by a grooving hip-hop drum beat.
A warm, light-hearted piano and string score that encapsulates child-like elements from marimbas to bells and a four on the floor kick drum. Perfect for projects in need of a whimsical and subtly magical track.
This pulsating and driving score delivers a futuristic vibe that is complemented by piano chords, string pads, and a progressive beat.