The Spark! The Uplifters - Volume Two

Album Description:

The Uplifters 2 brings you another round of good time party music! This all acoustic adventure in Americana will satisfy your down-home palate with warm, inspirational and friendly ballads sure to cure the blues. Beautiful violins, violas, pianos, mandolins and other acoustic stringed instruments with superlative live arrangements surrender the emotions to the ultimate height of happiness. Joy bubbles up in every song. Celebrate more of life through music with the Uplifters!

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Cheery and bubbly mandolins, tenor acoustic guitars, violins and violas, and a beautiful bouncy piano dance with the light and airy rhythm section. Pretty strumming and arpeggio acoustic guitars create an inspirational and happy musical feel.
Beautiful and moving Americana. Sparkling bright acoustic guitar and mandolin melodies join with a confident piano to forge an optimistic musical feel. Bold and driving drums create a sense of fearless courage.
Join the good time party! Jubilant accordion, violins and piano join together in this Lousiana roots inspired, cheerful song. Playful acoustic guitars, mandolins and lively drums keep the festive energy level on high.
A stirring piano, mandolin and acoustic guitar open for beautiful confident melodies and wistful strumming, giving this song an encouraging self-assured tone and feel. A can-do musical testimony.
Moving and pretty Americana. Inviting charming piano, lightly picking acoustic guitars, and alluring violin and viola take this song down a beautiful country back road with heart warming melodies and steady confident drums.
Graceful mandolin, acoustic guitars and poignant, uplifting piano lines create an inspiring musical portrait. Strong, confident drums propel the live rhythm section. This song comes with it's very own courageous attitude!
A sunny and bouncy acoustic piano, sparkling mandolin and bright acoustic guitars create a refreshing and spirited ballad. A vigorous rhythm track confirms a driving sense of winning.
Bright and happy guitars, sparkling mandolin and a jubilant piano lift up this engaging and inspirational ballad. Beautiful, heartfelt piano and guitar melodies create an emotional and sincere musical statement.
Instantly feel-good, homespun Americana rock with sweet melodies, confident acoustic guitars, sparkling mandolin and a driving positive beat. A lighter-than-air acoustic guitar arrangement abounds with delightful interludes giving the song a comfortable flavor that feels like your favorite old pair of blue jeans.