Calm Down - Volume One

Album Description:

A Big Guns journey into the world of Easy Tempo. Virtuoso nylon and steel string acoustic guitars, violins, violas, brass sections and pianos create a comfortable, soft and smooth vibe to this inspirational collection. Lay back, relax and unwind.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

A beautiful, mesmerizing electric piano opens for an easy beat and a playful, vintage, lounge-style electric guitar. A sparse, but dazzling arrangement creates a warm and comfortable place to rest the spirit.
Sweet and sincere nylon string guitars and acoustic piano channel the vision of a lazy beach in a faraway place. A warm and calm rhythm section lays down an easy going, laid-back attitude.
A sublime and breezy acoustic piano joins hands with harmonious acoustic guitars in this optimistic and promising arrangement. Hope and tranquility are celebrated in the diverse musical changes suggesting that peace has arrived, but not without a great price.
Romantic and sensuous arpeggiated acoustic guitars dance with a tender acoustic piano developing a picturesque backdrop for the viola and violins. Interwoven melodies with global textures transcend the listener from the current moment to the warmth of an international bed and breakfast.
Dreamy, strumming guitars and an enchanting, hypnotic electric piano create a safe space for the soul. Deep and low, twangy electric guitar combines with a silky-smooth fingerpicking style acoustic guitar to send the listener into a well deserved time-out.
An introspective and emotional acoustic piano engages with a passionate and tender acoustic guitar evoking a sense of departure, purpose, uncertainty, and hope. Soul-searching strings add tension, transforming the melody into an inspiring arrangement full of delicate surprises with a hint of international intrigue and a clandestine love affair.
A virtuoso nylon string guitar and lovely vintage upright piano romance each other in a sunny down-tempo and flirtatious promenade. The romantic and enchanting arrangement weaves into a cerebrally intoxicating musical cocktail.
Nostalgic surf-like guitars and chiming electric piano propel the listener to an endless summer day at the beach. An easy-tempo vintage style instrumental that goes perfectly with a cold beverage, warm sand, and an everlasting sunset.