Rock Pig - Volume Two

Album Description:

Rock Pig Volume Two puts the Rock back into Rock and Roll. High energy, hard and furious, metal and glam rock with dark and dangerous vibes lights up the Arena with tracks ready for everything from sports to drama. The Rock Pig delivers again!

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Tough guy motivational rock anthem with heroic guitar leads and massive live drums. This track has enough swagger and attitude to fill an arena.
Huge, hardcore biker rock with a pounding live drum and rhythm track, tight metal guitars, and more cowbell. A super energetic beer swilling anthem.
The soundtrack to the hair band days on the most famous club street in rock and roll. Pyro guitar solos, thunderous stadium drums, and big fat bass lay down the retro Hollywood Glam metal vibe perfectly.
Rowdy guitars, heavy live drums, and tough guy attutide cranked to 11 make this the perfect up-tempo rock track for risky living and extreme lifestyle misbehavior.
Super heavy, ominous metal with wall-of-sound guitars and confident, live drums fueled by compelling musical sound effects. Rock for the thinking head banger.
Gnarly, violent, metal guitar shredding with complex and furious drumming create a seriously raging and brutal musical barrage.
Driving, fierce, massive rock with aggressive live drums and filthy-dirty guitars. Inciting the metal hoards with brute force.
Rock freedom for all with fearless, soaring, interweaving guitar leads and colossal stadium drums. Perfect for fist pumping at the arena.
Super heroes are on the way. It's ass kicking time on this tough, cinematic, muscular rock beatdown. Thick, towering guitars and hard-slamming drums deliver an audacious punch.
Intense, slightly down-tempo heaviness with masculine complicated guitars ready for big time action sequences, hardcore destruction, and kicking ass.