The Spark! - Volume Five

Album Description:

Welcome to Volume 5 of The Spark! Our latest collection of inspirational and motivational rock ballads is flowing with live horn sections, creative guitar work, dynamic arrangements, and a killer live band. Bright and positive, this happy-time music is bursting with fulfilled dreams, heroic achievements, and tears of joy. A heaping helping of sunshine guaranteed to cleanse your soul, uplift your heart, and celebrate the very best of life.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Confident and uplifting piano and sweet guitar melodies combine with an all-live horn section to create a vintage ballad feel. An exciting and driving rhythm section completes this happy musical circle.
Laid-back and tranquil acoustic guitar and piano voicings create a light, airy and happy musical feel. A graceful, confident piano arrangement gives this song an encouraging self-assured tone.
Shining and strumming acoustic guitars, joyous drums, and an engaging piano paint a day without a care in the world, nor a cloud in the sky. This sparkling, breezy, and relaxed song suggests that a much awaited celebration is underway.
Positive, bubbling melodies and harmonies combine with a dramatic live ensemble painting a triumphant musical canvas. A bold and courageous piano creates a dynamic, heartfelt and emotional release.
Inspirational and positive guitars open for a joyful piano and energetic rhythm section suggesting a glorious event has taken place. Acoustic and electric guitars and piano fuse together for a dynamic and confident finish.
A big, strutting horn section backed by a rollicking, live band offers up a bold and fearless rock ballad that throws down with an attitude. Ballsy in-your-face guitars and a sweet brass section add a heaping dose of good ole boy flavor ready. Get ready for an audacious ride.
Bright and happy roots guitar and piano lift up this sparkling and inspirational ballad. Beautiful, heartfelt piano and guitar melodies weave an emotional and sincere musical carpet.