Hardcore Underscore - Volume Two

Album Description:

Marvelous super heroes, bloodletters and badmen, and hard-driving action music for your wildest dramatic and theatrical needs! Hardcore Underscore Volume 2 adds audacity bold enough to flavor graphic novels and comic books brought to life. Our pit crew takes your action thriller's soundtrack to the checkered flag first. Hard-charging guitars and pounding orchestral percussion join forces with superlative, shameless brass sections delivering chaos, gun fights, and fast car insanity. Hardcore Underscore Volume 2 guarantees the adrenalin rush demanded by nonstop thrills and nitro-fueled narrow escapes. Put on your cape and mask and prepare for high gear, tail spins, squealing tires, burning rubber and stray bullets.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

From badass fight scenes to tongue-and-cheek pows and brass hits, this track delivers exciting twists and turns. Huge rock drums are joined by blazing orchestral percussion adding tension and mounting excitement in every measure. Hard and heavy metal guitars are matched by a scorching hot live brass section. Sure to raise your blood pressure, waken your sleeping demons, and release your hulking super hero.
Shift from first gear to sixth in 3 seconds! Pulse accelerating guitars and an enormous horn section drive the energy beyond seismic levels. This is the sound of the wheels coming off at 160 miles per hour!
An intense and exciting track for big time action sequences, blowing up banks, and kicking ass! A sinister and building bass intro leads to driving percussion and drums backed by heavy guitars and a massive horn section. A nonstop adrenalin fueled fistfight perfect for every mosh pit, molotov cocktail mob, or fast expensive getaway.
Stalking the back alleys and on the prowl with pulsing undertones and delay guitars. Evil forces meet head on with a mighty warrior backed by heroic brass and confrontational percussion sections ready to unleash a mysterious battle plan.
Keep the getaway car running! An ominous thrill ride begins with chugging, heavy guitars and gigantic serious horns backed by layers of colossal orchestral percussion generating hair-raising, skin-tingling, musical sensations guaranteed to put nitro in your fuel tank.
The manhunt for shadowy figures and criminal minds opens with creeping cinematic suspense and builds tension with pounding drums and dramatic orchestral percussion. Tough guitars and fearless horns join forces, climaxing when the villains are forced to face their fate in the hands of justice.
Marvelous, super heroic brass hits and stabs back-to-back with fantastic foursome tom-toms and action-packed percussion underscore monstrous jackhammering guitars. The high intesity horn section audaciously delivers sequence after sequence of bone-chilling thrill rides, ceaseless chases, and blood-thirsty street battles sure to summon every flying cape in the city.
Tough guy music for kicking ass, setting off explosives, and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting armored cars. A hardcore building intro is the catalyst for a turbulent confrontation between the theatrical brass section and enormous orchestral percussion. The perfect backdrop for illicit behavior, criminal violence, and devastating chaos.
Menacing heavy metal guitars with huge punchy horns provoke intense aggression, an arrogant attitude, and the self-righteous determination required to smash the doors separating despair and a cathartic heist. An adrenalin infused headrush climaxing in an epic clash between virtue and vice.
Ready for war. This dramatic and heavy rocker throws knockout punches getting mean and nasty real fast. Chugging, ominous, full-throttle and hardcore guitars doused with hot brass kick off the bruising. Monumental percussion breaks every bone until the enemy is crippled into submission with a bloody finish.