Indie Rock Pig - Volume Three

Album Description:

Welcome to Volume 3 of Big Guns' take on independent rock bands doin' it the Small Label, Surf Punk, and Lo-Fi way. From huge splashing reverb and delay guitar arrangements, to Southern California vintage high-energy inspired twangfests of tape and tubes. Once again, Big Guns keeps it real by keeping it live!

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Surf Punk inspired keg-party mayhem! Bickering guitars open for driving, high-energy drums taking you on a distorted thrill ride. They duel to the finish in a rollicking battle, fueling the flames in the mosh pit with each slam.
The rock festival has just begun. Get the stadium on it's feet! Epic, sweeping and anthemic guitars open for a tight driving rhythm section. Melodic and pretty guitar hooks reel in the audience, while tasty effects with an openly aggressive bass line and heroic drumming keep the crowd roaring for more. This show will last forever, if only as an ear-candy memory.
A tidal wave of surf inspired guitars, hyper-kinetic drums, and a tight rhythm section playfully toy with a mysterious ska beat. Haunting and soaring lead guitars add the flavor of foreign intrigue to a frenetic, whimsical, madness-infused caper abroad gone very wrong.
A salty and silky combination of hot sauce, pickles, cognac and cigars. Twangy, punk-ish guitars and vintage electric piano flirt with each other in this smartly rockin' post surf track. Lo-fi instruments and percussion smooth it down, getting the cool rhythm section moving and grooving with jazzy syncopated starts and stops. The piano bar duo obliges the grunge band with a walk-on and the result is a sexy, spicy give and take of palate pleasing bites.
Spark it up! It's a 21st century beach party! Hybrid surf rock guitars pluck, thrash and shred their way around an engaging and melodic, hard-driving, vintage influenced track. Bring on the bikinis, bonfires, burgers and beer!
Bring the pursuit of partying to life with this laid back, outdoor music festival, inspirational rock anthem. Soaring guitar melodies and steady authoritative drums send the crowd into a passion driven euphoria. Reaching ever higher, the climactic ending is heroic, a magnet ensuring that the audience will demand yet another encore.
Angst drives this gritty garage punk song feuled by brooding and dark motives. Dominating, super aggressive, lo-fi driving drums and gnarly, new wave, surf guitar leads create an alliance of formidable foes. Cool vintage organ and neo-psycedelic melodies evoke clairvoyant oracles, vague prophecies, hypnotic rituals, and an eminent allure of danger. Treachery and deceit force the ultimate climax with an epic rock festival attitude.
Mysterious and positve, this up-front and stylish rocker satisfies the melodic sweet tooth with sublimely distorted guitars, confident drums, and a groovin' bass. Curiosity tranforms into an uplifting and engaging romp between the vintage keyboards and gritty, retro guitars. Playfully dramatic plucking guitars and a whimsical electric piano delight with the promise of adventure and the anticipation of romance.
A delicious and epic ear candy melody straight from the hot and loud arena. This positive alternative rocker delivers nonstop headbanging and satisfying fist pumping. Anthemic catchy hooks, towering guitar work, and gigantic stadium-style drums cement the interconnecting driving sections keeping the audience on their feet praying that the show will never come to an end.
Epic and heroic, this is the ultimate in arena rock. Slamming guitar slinging, hard-driving live drums, and clever post punk arrangements are guaranteed to blow the roof off of the stadium and subjugate the audience. Soaring and majestic melodies announce triumph and the glory of victory.