Calm Down - Volume Two

Album Description:

Another Big Guns journey into the world of easy tempo. Let our virtuoso musicians pull from the depth of your creative genius with soaring and inspirational arrangements filled with soul-searching violins and violas, jubilant pianos, and superlative acoustic guitars. Once again it's time to lay back, relax, and unwind.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Slide into your velvet jacket and monogrammed slippers. Ethereal guitars, pianos and violins open for a laid-back, smooth groove. Virtuoso, jazzy electric piano and a tight, sophistcated rhythm section lay down a deep and smoky vibe. Top shelf cognac cultivated and refined, urban and savvy, leaving an intoxicating streetwise finish on the palate.
A tropical lullaby with airy keyboards gently pulsing into strumming acoustic guitars and a soothing mellow piano. Arpeggiated guitars join in a sweet and sincere interplay like a sparkling black sand beach kissing a lush rainforest.
Spark it up on the chaise lounge! The long day is over. Soft and sweet guitars exchange with pretty pianos and gentle percussion delivering inspiration and introspection like a soothing massage. Nothing matters more than the lush colors of the lingering sun and the swirl of the mai tai in your hand.
Majestic and spiritual. The lost have been found, the sinners have redemption, the war is over, but the glory of victory is also bittersweet. This uplifting and joyous devotional ballad is reverent with stirring violins, violas and an exalting grand piano. A soaring and building arrangement thrives with multiple crescendos and poignant moments.
Far from planet Earth, tender melodies and silky rhythms soothe and comfort a weary galactic wanderer. Majestic pianos and vintage keyboards swirl with a stellar live string section bathing the exploring soul on it's quest for an undiscovered celestial home along a fluid and cosmic path.
Lift up your soul. A beautiful and mesmerizing piano tells the story of a long journey; lush violins and violas play with the heartstrings sonically illustrating an eventful and emotional vacation. The voyage that has not been without sacrifice, but the glory is within view and the pilgrimage is nearing an end.
A sonic backdrop for a colorful lucid dream. An enchanting grand piano gently engages acoustic and electric guitars with introspective candor. A graceful and sweet live string section fuels inspiration with tender arrangements, soul-searching emotional passages, and delightful resolutions.
Magical and mysterious grand pianos seamlessly weave with delicate violins and violas unfolding into the landscape of a vintage Italian movie. Passionate and subtle guitars sprinkled with bells transport the listener through a vivid and diverse cinematic odyssey overflowing with international intrigue, lavish women, priceless art, expensive liquor, and the lush perfume of a bygone era.
Pack your bags for a soothing sonic voyage into consummate tranquility, and immerse yourself in the old world romance of an Italian movie. Tender strumming guitars, soulful violins and violas, and gently plucking pizzicato strings tastefully mingle with vintage electric guitar musings, forging an indulgent and dramatic musical vignette.
A warm and comfortable place to rest the soul. Gentle guitar strumming and a delicate vintage electric piano merge with a graceful and sweet live string section. A building and inspiring orchestral arrangement with tender melodic acoustic guitars playfully lulls the listener into the sublime intoxication of complete submission.