Southern Rock - Volume One

Album Description:

Join us for a dusty backroads pickup truck ride. We'll supply the succulent jams, salty licks, and sweet smokey mountain intoxication. No other musical genre says "Americana" more than 1970's southern rock. At Big Guns we have assembled a band of monster talent from South of the Mason Dixon Line. They love southern rock and that authentic flavor drips from their finger tips like silky Kentucky bourbon. Bring your dog, a twelve pack, and get ready for lots of tasty throw-down satisfaction brought to you by the Big Guns southern rock crew.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Lazing on the river or under a peach tree soaking up the southern air. Harmonizing guitars, vintage upright piano and a swinging rhythm section create a relaxing and happy atmosphere.
A bluesy guitar, banjo, vintage electric organ and harmonica back a deep and funky slide player rockin' down low and dirty - southern style. A building intro becomes a driving and confident anthem to the way we roll down down on the shoals.
Driving the backroads with the southern summer wind in your face. Sweet tea-flavored guitar harmonies masterfully presented with a positive and upbeat rhythm section delight the senses and remind us that nothing is more important than the simple pleasures of life.
Pour the whiskey neat and make it a double. Deep down and very low guitars, harmonica and slide with roots deeper than an oak tree slither through the intro making their way to the heavy driving drums and hard bass. The real deal southern rock blues lives here, and we don't serve ice.
Grab your dog and fire up your truck, happy backroad lazy days tunes are here. Laid back and easy guitars open for a driving drum and bass track. Guitar harmonies transport you to a simpler place with comfy blue jeans, a cold beer and man's best friend.
Rock the roadhouse! Solo violins explode with passion and fury - the devil has arrived and he came to play! Chugging guitars, vintage electric piano and soulful strings distill inspiration into a bourbon infused southern rock hoedown with more musical peaks and valleys than the Blue Ridge Mountains. Someone is either going home with a shiny golden fiddle or straight to perdition.
Hard rockin' the deep south just right. A determined slide guitar with attitude introduces a forceful rhythm section and a psychedelic vintage electric organ. Soaring lead guitars are anthemic, molding the crowd into a legion of patriots unified until the last encore fades to black.
A joyous combination of perky guitars, spicy southern fiddles, vintage electric piano and a bouncey rhythm section offer a tasty deep fried groove. A perfect musical setting for summer love or just whiling away the hot days and nights with a cold brew and your favorite dog.
Slide guitar bad-assery! Raise your flag and your beer can, it's humid in the swamp and there is an angry cloud overhead. Muscular drums and a mean bass throw down with a moonshine soaked vintage electric piano in this southern rock festival fueled anthem.
Sky-high melodies, exhuberant guitars and playful drums reach for the stars in this jubilant and delightful tribute to southern hospitality and pride. 1970's stirring upright piano and soaring guitar solos weave passionately with the grace of the generations of souls rooted to the soil.