Indie Rock Pig - Volume Four

Album Description:

Presenting volume four of Big Guns' take on independent rock bands doin' it the small label, surf punk, and lo-fi way. From huge guitar and drum tones to high energy thrash rock and southern California vintage, high-energy inspired, twangfests of tape and tubes. Once again, Big Guns keeps it real, keeping it all live.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

A hard driving attitude unfolds for a larger than life new punk rock anthem. A raw electric solo guitar opens for cool wah wah effects and a tough propulsive drums and bass. The fans are on their feet and they came to party!
The men are battle-ready. The warlord leads the onslaught. Tight chugging guitars burst into big ethereal leads with a rocking live band propelling this emotional and heroic ballad. Driving drums and interweaving soaring guitars build to an epic climax. Nothing less than complete annihilalation of the opposing army is acceptable.
Straight outta the biker bar. Big live drums, hard, fuzzy guitars and slamming bass drive the band from section to section with stacking leads continually adding drama and tension. The momentum builds to a monumental alt rock twang anthemic ending. There's mayhem in the mosh pit tonight.
A trip to the punk boutique. Funky interweaving guitars and urgent hardcore drums open for a twang-rock fest. A flowing and melodic midsection dissolves into a finale rockin' with authority, precision and sheer audacity.
Massive drums and low chunky guitars combine with towering feedback and a solo bass laying down a moody, head-banging groove. A stiff and solid backing track underlays a mysterious, lush, and dreamy distorted lo-fi electric guitar giving way to a satisfying finish.
Gritty garage punk with super aggressive drums and gnarly guitars. Tough guy party music with distorted, cool, soaring leads and threatening rhythm guitars. Melodic and serious, anthemic and heroic, muscular and virile.
A shadowy, mysterious and cool song. Warm and sexy electric guitars open with nice, live, vintage drums and big reverb effects. Melodic and commanding lead guitars compliment the powerful and inspiring rhythm section. Super alt rock 'dripping with tone', moody guitars and effects.
A hard groovin' drum, bass and retro punk guitar pound out a fortress of heavy live energy. Nice and tasty breakdowns keep the mood changes happening from start to finish. Fat guitar effects and leads create great rock drama.
Satisfying, easy tempo, alt rock song with a feel-good, loud and proud rhythm section, and powerful soaring guitar melodies. The arrangement builds on agressive emotions and positive thoughts encased in a gratifying and victorious throw down.
Fresh from the run down garage studio comes this strutting and aggressive indie punk mosh fest with slamming drums, thrashing melodic guitar leads, and chugging rhythms. Huge, hardcore biker rock with pounding energy, reckless abandon, and an audacious provocational attitude.