The Spark! - Volume Six

Album Description:

Welcome to volume six of The Spark! Our latest collection of inspirational and motivational ballads is flowing with soulful virtuoso acoustic pianos, live string sections, creative guitar work, dynamic arrangements, and a killer live band. Bright and affirmative, this good-time music percolates with realized dreams, fearless achievements, wonderment, and sheer bliss. A generous serving of well being that is guaranteed to raise the spirits, uplift the soul, and celebrate life awaits. We hope it brings you joy.

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

Bright and heroic piano elevates this driving inspirational ballad to soaring levels of pure joy. Featuring beautiful, heartfelt melodies and warm, strumming guitars this tender and sweet arrangement is a powerful and moving tribute to all that is glorious in our earthly world.
Cheery, light-hearted confidence introduces a poignant and uplifting ballad featuring strumming and upbeat guitars sharing the stage with an optimistic piano. Homespun harmonies and promising melodies convey a reassuring message that everything is going to be better than ever.
Beautiful and moving americana. Sparkling, bright acoustic guitars and violin joyously mingle with a confident piano driving this catchy arrangement with optimism and divine inspiration. Steady, driving drums deliver a spiritually moving backdrop of fearless patriotism fueled by the power of humble faith and courage.
This powerful and effervescent arrangement evokes images of high-tech scientific achievements, deep space exploration, promising medical advances, and other foundations of national pride with self-assurance, style and grace. Shimmering and sparkling guitars along with a buoyant piano add an ethereal emotional essense that suggests that nothing has been without divine inspiration.
Sentimental and sincere acoustic piano and violin send my heart home to a tiny place faraway where it is buried forever in the black and golden sand. Where the moon is a thousand times bigger, and lost beaches are shielded by a barrier reef. A soothing rhythm section engaging with a deep and comforting guitar tone warms my wistful soul with tropical perfumed memories of laid-back and carefree days that I never knew would come to an end.
A powerhouse arrangement bursting with bold, gallant piano and driving, adventure-seeking guitar melodies. Heroic and fearless confidence radiates from the core of this epic musical narrative as it unfolds and transcends past and future, bending the bygone into the swirling celestial mystery of our universe beyond.
An emotional and introspective violin and a passionate, tender acoustic piano interlace in this poignant ballad full of purpose and hope. Soulful strumming guitars and an inspiring delicate arrangement are the essential elements elevating the simple to the sublime and the earthly to the celestial as this moving piece transports us beyond our world into the vast expanse of the heavens.
Shimmering guitars and powerful melodies project an intimate feeling over this swirling musical landscape. An easy tempo, emotional and romantic ballad with a feel-good piano and ethereal guitar tones well-balanced with homespun, heartfelt and sincere strumming. An array of images from bucolic countrysides to the astral bodies of space are unlocked as the listener wanders from one pastoral interlude into the next.
Worry, risk and fear have surrendered to success. Hard work has resulted in a tremendous achievement. Feel-good, encouraging piano and strumming acoustic guitars construct a safe space for the soul. Intricate acoustic guitars and keyboard arpeggios merge on the road to peace of mind and a sense of well being. It has been a long haul replete with challaneges and the payoff is now colossal.
Tranquility is the word. A relaxed acoustic piano is joined by a beautiful violin section and arpeggio guitars fulfilling an impassioned mission of freedom and optimism. The battles are over and the war has been costly, but victory is here and everyone is going home knowing that the sacrifices have not been made without receiving the supreme reward of triumph.