Down Low and Dirty - Trouble

Album Description:

Ready for Trouble?! Number five in our Down Low and Dirty series, Trouble throws down hard featuring our gritty and monsterously talented Big Guns band. Badass fiddle, resonator guitar, slide guitar, vintage keys and tasty, greasy guitars all recorded live, deep-fried and ready to deliver your knockout punches. Pour our hot sauce into your next scene and start some Trouble!

Label Name: Big Guns Music

Tracks: 10

A powerful panorama of wild horses opens this audacious and ventersome round up. Commanding violins, action-packed guitars, heroic piano and a driving rhythm section take the listener on a vigorous and epic journey.
This gritty, whiskey-soaked dip into the swamp conjures mystery, danger, and sultry temptation. A smoky, sweltering texture is drenched with steamy, plucking banjos, slippery slide guitar, resonator and soaring electric guitars.
: Full Mix
: Banjo Bass Electric Drums Guitar Acoustic Electric Piano Electric
: 72
: Slow Tempo
A finger-snapping and toe-tapping jaunt. Delightful chasing and plucking strings call and answer each other in a playful rivalry. Strumming guitars and vintage keyboards keep the action flowing with whimsy and charm.
The Down Low Roadhouse is jammed and jumpin'! Fire up your barroom brawl with rockin' boogie woogie blues guitars slathered in barbecue sauce and topped with a jangley mix of saloon fried pianos with hot pickled harmonicas.
This syrupy creole spiced treat is sure to get the barn dance started as a homespun bluegrass fiddle trades places with vintage electric keyboards in a whimsical call and answer chase around the hoedown.
Trouble is here! This striking and vigorous joyride is loaded with insistent violins, demanding acoustic guitars, propulsive and inspiring piano, and driving percussion. Hard-charging electric guitars shift into high gear for a powerful and dramatic finish. It's going to be a while before the sheriff arrives, so liquor up and watch out for that flying spittoon.
Bluesy and jangley roadhouse acoustic pianos and sparkling acoustic guitars make it impossible to keep from tapping your feet along with this jubilant tavern song. Plucking banjos, slide guitars and whiskey infuse the jamboree with feel-good vibes and inebriated intentions.
Down low and bluesy, this gritty easy-going nod to the swampland is powerful, dark, and sinister. Brooding vintage keyboards and menacing electric guitars are drizzled with cagey banjos. You're not from around here, are you?
Heavy slide guitar and a vintage electric piano with a funky disposition set the stage for a beer swilling romp in the middle of a southern rock infused fish fry. Tasty banjo licks round out this backwater barn burner while smart-aleck electric guitars back talk each other's hot sauce.
It's been a long ride. The horses are tired and it's time to fire up some open-flame easy tempo blues rock. An evocative landscape simmering with adventure drips with down low and dirty fiddle, gutsy guitars, lonesome strings and warm vintage electric keyboards.