Epic Action - Volume 1

Album Description:

Epic trailer cues intended for wide release, big screen adaptation. Energetic and executed at the highest production value. This collection is perfect for filmmakers who want hard-hitting, explosive, and epic tracks. Each track is charged with accelerating and ambitious energy that will heighten the suspense and action of any project.

Label Name: Darwin Music

Tracks: 10

Moving and reflective. Longing melodies with rich string textures create a melancholy yet determined vibe.
: Jace Krogh (BMI) 100%
: Darwin Music International (BMI) 100%
: Cinematic Orchestral Film Score Trailer
: Anticipation Calm Dark Defeated Dynamic Lonely Powerful Sad/Depressing Slow Tragic
: Documentary Drama Film Trailer Video Games War/Conflict
: Full Mix
60 sec
30 sec
: Bass Drum Bells Tubular Cymbals Horns/Horn Section Orchestra Large Strings Trumpet Woodwinds
: 105
: Slow
Opens heroic and passionate with an edgy punch, then leads to a strong yet tender and reflective theme that comforts and motivates.