Up - Volume 1

Album Description:

This collection features exciting and inventive grooves that put a spring in your step while maintaining an edge of rock and indie.

Label Name: Darwin Music

Tracks: 10

This track has an upbeat, engaging groove that will surely get you on your feet and moving. With unmistakable funk influences, this track is perfect for ads and promos.
Get on your feet and dance like no one is watching! This positive, upbeat track is perfect for promos and ads and just about any media project. Bursting with unique and fun production elements executed at the highest production standard.
Optimistic and uplifting, this track is certain to brighten your day. Unique and creative production effects make this track shine with character.
Time to party! This track is perfect to get you up and moving. Full of energy and cheek, this is a masterfully written punk rock track brimming with rebellion and excitement.
: Stuart Maxfield (BMI) 100%
: Darwin Music International (BMI) 100%
: Rock Indie
: Driving Energetic Frenzied/Zany Fun Happy/Positive/Bright Rhythmic
: Action Advertising Business/Corporate Comedy DIY Documentary
Brimming with Indie energy and a touch of rebelliousness, this track is perfect for ads and promos. Exciting and groovy.
This track features a fast tempo and driven by a groovy bass line with an energetic beat. With a touch of rebelliousness and punk, this track would work perfect in ads and promos.
This track is driven by thick, percussive textures and driving, pulsing synths. Innovative production techniques and modern writing styles make this track hip and perfect for ads and promos.
: Stephanie Mabey (BMI) 50%, Taylor Hartley (BMI) 50%
: Darwin Music International (BMI) 100%
: Pop Indie
: Bouncy Eccentric/Quirky Fun Funky Happy/Positive/Bright Positive
: Advertising Business/Corporate Comedy DIY Documentary
Fast paced track filled with excitement and character. Includes all the right elements to make it a success in ads and promos and will beef up any media project.
True to its title, this track is reminiscent of the Beach Boys but with some crucial twists to put an Indie stamp on it. Really fun and positive groove.
: Stuart Maxfield (BMI) 100%
: Darwin Music International (BMI) 100%
: Rock Indie Alternative
: Bouncy Confident/Strong/Proud Energetic Happy/Positive/Bright Rhythmic
: Action Adventure Advertising Documentary Film Trailer Reality TV Sports
: Full Mix
30 sec
: Bass Drums Guitar Electric Organ
: 175
: Upbeat