Sedona - The Spirit Of Wonder

Album Description:

An epic adventure written in exceptional film-score style, "Sedona: The Spirit of Wonder" is a grand orchestral work that draws upon Americana and Native American influences.

Label Name: Kurt Bestor Music

Tracks: 10

Native American Flutes begins and is followed by epic, cinematic soundscapes played by full orchestra.
A short introduction, evoking images of Native American life, cowboys, outlaws, and the wild west. Featuring Native American Flute, strings, and percussion.
: Full Mix
: Percussion Ethnic Strings
: 60
: Slow, free
A mysterious call from departed spirits, featuring Native American flute and Native American chanting, accompanied by orchestra.
: Full Mix
: Cor Anglais/English Horn Percussion Ethnic Strings
: 60
: Slow, free
Hopeful, bright images of frontier America are brought to life by this orchestral dance.
: Full Mix
: Brass Piano Strings Violin Woodwinds
: 80
: Medium, lively
A charming, cheerful, Americana-style soundscape featuring piano and orchestra, briefly interrupted by a short moment of peril.
: Full Mix
: Brass Cor Anglais/English Horn Percussion Piano Strings Woodwinds
: 70
: Medium
This cinematic track builds like a sunrise over the wild west, featuring orchestra.
: Full Mix
: Brass Percussion Strings Woodwinds
: 102
: Medium Fast
A positive, cheerful, light-rock march featuring piano and rhythm section, backed by a subdued orchestra.
A soaring, cinematic, orchestral piece that invokes images of the great American West.
Take a serene, contemplative walk through the woods. This track features a small chamber woodwind section, with peaceful strings in the background.
: Kurt Roland Bestor (BMI) 100%
: Kurt Bestor Music (BMI) 100%
: Classical Crossover Americana Easy Listening New Age Cinematic
: Calm Inspirational/Uplifting Peaceful Relaxed
: Documentary Drama Fantasy/Magical Film Trailer Nature/Wildlife/The Elements
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: Full Mix
: Clarinet Cor Anglais/English Horn Flute Harp Oboe Strings Woodwinds
: 60
: Slow
A breathtaking journey featuring full orchestra and Native American flute. This track will take you on an epic, soaring flight in true cinematic fashion.