Exotica Expressions - Retro Lounge

Album Description:

Step back in time where memories are made to cool vibes and intoxicating sounds.

Label Name: Ritual Echoes Music

Tracks: 16

Sexy, smooth vibes for a cocktail party or jungle exploration.
Bold, mysterious, sexy and sensual feel for that torchlit dinner for two.
Take a fun jeep ride around the island, stop for a coconut-filled Mai Tai. Bouncy and upbeat.
Sexy, asian feel - exploring a marketÉ or each other. Cool piano melody mid-way lends dreamy feel.
Lay back on a leopard covered chaise and chill out to this intoxicatingly smooth vibe.
Cool horns featured in this jazzy tune setting the stage for a fun and sexy surf encounter.
BBQ and tiki bars as poolside party goes to another level with lavish strings. An upbeat dance tune sets the stage for a fun night.
Smooth, silky sax paves the way for a mysterious, sexy encounter in the lounge or walk along the beach.
: David Arkenstone (BMI) 100%
: Ritual Echoes Publishing (BMI) 100%
: Film Music Retro Adult Contemporary
: Cool Dreamy Happy/Positive/Bright Jazzy Love/Romantic Passionate Rhythmic Sexy
: Advertising Business/Corporate Documentary Film Trailer Food/Drink Romance Sexy Travel/Vacation
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: Full Mix
60 sec
30 sec
10 sec
Percussion Stem
No Percussion Stem
Sax Stem
: Bass Bongos Percussion Piano Saxophone Vibraphone
: 105
: Medium Tempo
Put on the scarf and sunglasses, and take the convertible for a drive around the island. Smooth piano and strings.
Who knows what lays beyond the torch-lined drive through the jungle? Mysterious rhythms suggest exotic adventure.
Eerie, sexy strings with soulful bass flute create an air of danger and erotic mystery.
Dreamy, relaxing, sexy night chilling after a day of play. A suave spy could be around the corner.
Ride around the island in a vintage motorcar. Stop for a drink and enjoy the breeze.
Kick back with a drink and let the soaring strings take your mind journey upriver through the rain forest.
Intertwining strings create a seductive mood for exploring mysterious places and people.