Rhythmic Explosion - Thundering Percussion Beds

Album Description:

An assortment of heart-pounding, relentless tracks that fit every exciting, dangerous, driven action scenario adding suspense and anticipation to the situation.

Label Name: Ritual Echoes Music

Tracks: 12

Excitement builds with this relentless pursuit down hallways, streets or across continents.
With a breath at about one minute, the tribal beat of the djembe adds tension to this darker, intense rhythm.
Dark and unrelenting, the heart-pounding beat suggests danger and escape.
Non-stop action beat for a chase from the unknown. Metallic accents and thundering drums lend a fast pace with a moment for a breath at 1:12.
A ceremony? A celebration? There could be a fire dance in progress at this exotic location.
Anxious, serious, a little frightening as the anticipation builds. Cymbal crashes increase the tension.
Finger cymbals punctuate a tropical pulse, out of breath and out of time.
Thundering taikos and light metallic rhythms keep up a fast pace that builds. Every way is blocked, there is no escape.
Taikos and assorted percussion lend an exotic feel to this fast-paced, relentless adventure.
Cool tempo sets the tone for this journey down winding paths or exploration upriver to imminent danger.
Medium tempo featuring Middle Eastern percussion that provides an exotic feel that builds.
: Full Mix
60 sec
30 sec
10 sec
: Percussion African Asian Taiko Drum
: 115
: Medium Tempo
Featuring log drums, this beat suggests a warning or battle, a tribal dance, or moments before an invasion.