”We wanted a musical outlet to do pop music without having to account to anyone or get anyone’s approval.”

Makes a lot of sense coming from a pair of producers that seem to have at least three projects going at a time. Tandem Wave is the combination of Nate Pyfer and Mason Porter. They stay busy to say the least. A normal week for them can include DJ-ing a music festival, playing a local indie rock show, co-writing with artists like Kaskade, and producing albums for a wide variety of musicians.

Pyfer and Porter have been the creative minds behind many musical projects, currently including Mr. Tape and Pinguin Mofex. No matter what the project, this production duo uses their unabashed attitude to push the bounds of genres and modern music. They keep things fresh and pride themselves in keeping things organic in a digital world.

We love putting our hands on real instruments. That can sometimes get lost with all the digital instruments that sound so good. We like the idea of performing electronic music and not just programming it.”

Tandem Wave is looking to get back in the studio and start working on their next record. Meanwhile, you can check out some of their contributions to Darwin with their album “Dream Pop”.


DM033 Dream Pop

A collection of radio friendly, catchy, yet unique and innovative tunes with melodies that are sure to stick in your head. Each track features creative and inventive production elements that provide singularity and identity.

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