Ready to learn more about audio file formats? You’ve come to the right place. We discussed the main audio file formats in episode 2 of Tech Talks with Tuna. In today’s post, we’ll dive deeper to discover which format is the best for video productions.

Audio File Formats

First, the four main audio file formats are: WAVs, AIFs, MP3s, and AACs. 

What’s the Difference?

• WAVs and AIFs are the standard audio file formats. WAV is the main format used for raw and uncompressed audio. AIFs contain uncompressed CD-quality audio similar to WAVs.

• An MP3 is a compressed audio file format. This means it has a lower sound quality and takes up less storage. 

• AACs are essentially the same as MP3s but they have a newer codec.

Tuna’s Advice

“If I were creating content for an online platform such as YouTube, I would choose to use WAV files for two different reasons. The first reason is that WAV files are widely available. In fact, Amphibious Zoo Music can provide you with WAV files ready for download as well as other formats. The second reason is that WAV files are generally going to be the highest quality.”

If you’re ready to download music WAV files, simply go to your profile page on and change your “Preferred Audio Format” to be WAV 24bit 48kHz. Now you are ready to go! 



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