Amphibious Zoo Music is honored to hear our music in Channel 4’s promotion of “The School That Tried to End Racism.” This documentary covers the important topics of racial inequality and white privilege during a three-week experiment in the classrooms of Glenthorne High School in South London.
At Amphibious Zoo, we have music to cover every project, from promotions to documentaries. When you have something important to say, we will help your voice to be heard. Because we strive to promote global diversity and inclusion through our music, it is always an honor to help your messages achieve positive change. We invite all people to choose Amphibious Zoo Music for your next project. 
 Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 tonight at 9pm for the premiere of "The School That Tried to End Racism."

"Alive" from Audio Monkey's AMPM021 Tycoon Manifesto.


AMPM021 Tycoon - Manifesto

Every entity has a mission statement. These tracks tell your story with emotion, power, and inspiration

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