Desperate for a little human contact? We want to send you a virtual belly slap to get you through this social isolation. Even when times are tough we will record tracks fresh enough for you to feel the snap of your skin. Yes, all sounds were recorded on a human body. Enjoy a behind the scenes look at "Belly Slap" from Amphibious Zoo Music's AZ082 Hit It- Ad Friendly Percussion.

If the belly slap doesn't create enough connection for you we want to send you 12 free songs. We created a playlist of 12 of our favorite songs and we want to offer them to you to use to for FREE in your projects for the rest of 2020. You can use them how you want, in any project or production created between now and then end of 2020 with no fee or strings attached. Let’s get through this together.


AZ082 Hit It - Ad Friendly Percussion

Expect everything from energetic human body-based percussion to energetic traditional instrumentation with cinematic hits, driving rhythms, shakes, clicks, claps, stomps, and more.

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